When we cannot use the compass of mathematics or the torch of experience...it is certain we cannot take a single step forward.


Submission Guidelines

Instructions to Authors 

  1. Order of presentation should be Title, Author, Address, Abstract, Introduction, Material and Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusion and References.
  2. Supply address, phone No., e-mail address and fax.
  3. All the correspondence be addressed to email;
  4. Diagrams and tables should fit within the column (3.2"x 9.5")., if unavoidable, fit within the limits of the page (7.00"x 9.5"). Fonts for tables & captions: 9-Time New Roman
  5. References; not in alphabetical order or year wise. Should be numbered to conform to their order in the text. First reference appearing in the text be printed as [1] and numbered as 1. in the list of references at the end and second reference [2] in the text be subsequently numbered 2, so on and so forth. Use square brackets [ ] to indicate reference in the text.
  6. References in the list at the end be given in the order; Author, source/document (italic), volume (bold), page and year.


  1. Submission be accompanied by a certificate that the paper has not been submitted elsewhere, published before or plagiarized.
  2. Only composed papers, in conformity with style sheet, below will be entertained for further actions.

Style Sheet

Fonts, Alignment & Spacing

Title: 14-Arial, Center, Single

Author: 10- Time New Roman; center, Single

Address: 9-Time New Roman, Center, Single

Abstract: 10-Time New Roman,-Italic; Justified, Exactly 11

All the above in single column. However the rest of paper should be Double Column; Space between columns: 0.2 in; with the following details

Body Text and References: 10-Time New Roman, Normal, justified, Exactly 11

Titles: 10-Arial, Capital Bold.

Sub-titles: 10-Time New Roman, Normal Bold.

Tables: 9-Time new Roman

Figure Captions: 9-Time New Roman.

Insert number of the references in the text in square brackets and make list accordingly. Author and year only where it is grammatically necessary.


Rosado, R. and Bemal, A. J. L., “Optimization of the Power Distribution Network Design by Applications of Genetic Algorithms,” International Journal of Power and Energy Systems15 (3): 104-110 (1995)

Journal/source of information- Italic;

Vol - Bold;

Year at the end of the reference  

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